Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trading tools and the Palm Treo

My Palm Treo 650 was part of my trading tools and now I miss it immensely.
This is how I used it. I have sprint as my wireless provider and have their unlimited data plan. I used the Treo as my backup connection in case the DSL went down. On at least 4-5 occasion the Palm's connection has bailed me out flawlessly. At least on 2 occasions I was in the middle of a trade and was able to manage it through my Palm (most charts on as well). I use a third party software to use the data connection. Ever since the timely demise of my Treo I have my dial-up ready but really not comfortable with it.

Now I had a big misunderstanding of Sprint's new deal and I have cancelled my 800w at least for now. I feel like I was misled a little. So for now I have activated another phone and until my upset state of mind come back to balance;-).

But from a trading perspective I think it will be cool to have a backup on their faster network. Sprint claims 350-500kbps upload and 600-1.4Mbps download. I like Palm and hope they would survive as company. They need to deliver on their promise of cool new things.

Having a nice backup is important. Dial up doesnot really cut it I think though it will get you out of a trade. Especially if you are like me analyzing tick by tick volume at entries. Hey, maybe I should call Sprint tommorow again!

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