Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Delta positive at the top of the hour

Just like yesterday we have additional buying at these levels. Rarely you see a positive delta near the lower 2nd deviation of VWAP as seen in the B & C period today.
Remember that yesterday was an inside day. Finally we have some semblance of normal trading. However the volatility is in wait and come in at anytime a significant break in news surfaces. So the key is to be careful. Prior sessions has been very choppy on the profitability front. I remember a short that stopped me out at entry by 2 ticks and dropped like a rock and then Doc posts the perfect post.

Dips can be bought today if the financials continues strengthen. The inside day breakout is a small small possibility but until the end of lunch time we might not see the volume. Currently, it is not supportive of that bias. we could simply rotate and balance inside until the news (higher probability).

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